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Extreme Couponing 101

Learn To Save Thousands At The Grocery Store

Learn About Sales Cycles

Below is the biggest secret to  Extreme Couponing and you’ll be shocked to know it has little to do with coupons.

The biggest secret: It’s not about using the coupon- it’s about the cycle of the sale.

-Certain items go on sale certain times of the year or several times of the year. When you know certain items will go on sale, you know when to save your coupons for.


An Example of a Yearly Cycle

Baking ingredients like flour, sugar and cake mixes will be lowest in November and December because of the holidays. It will also be on sale again in the Spring but the price is lowest in the Winter.

Because the price is lowest in the Winter and prices will not come even close to as low as those prices, you want to find products with good expiration dates and stock up for the year.

An Example of a Monthly Cycle

About once a month Acme has General Mills cereal for about $1.88. There is usually a corresponding coupon on for  .60/ 1 cereal. Acme double full so the .60 cent of coupon will double to $1.20. $1.88- $1.20 = .68 per box of cereal. Now keep in mind different cereals will go on sale each month, if a cereal you or your family members love goes on sale, you will want to buy several boxes or as many as your store policy allows.

-Shop based on what is on sale, not by what is on your list.

I'm not going to say that you shouldn't buy what is on your list- of course you should. But if an item is on sale half price and you have a coupon for it, buy it before you need it so the item never makes it on your list.