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Couponing “Calendar”

Learn To Save Thousands At The Grocery Store

Once a week
  • Clip the coupons that come in your weekly circulars and Sunday paper. File them away right away as to not let them pile up.
  • Clip the new SavingStar coupons (SavingStar pays you after you buy an item)
  • Check for new coupons on and They will put up printable coupons of some of the coupon inserts that come in the papers. (Optional)
  • View my weekly Match-ups for Shoprite and my Drugstore Deals
Once a month

At the beginning of every new month:

  • Print coupons on your favorite couponing sites. For a list of reputable coupon sites visit the How To Get Coupons Page.

On the last day of every month:

  • Go through your coupons and throw out any coupons that expire.

Need Help With Couponing?
‘I Don’t Have Time To Save Money’ is an easy guide to learning how you can save money even if you’re crunched for time. With unique time-based approaches, The Kosher Coupon Lady teaches you different methods of saving and how you can adapt those methods to fit your lifestyle.