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Companies You Can Call For Coupons

Learn To Save Thousands At The Grocery Store

NOTE: At ANY TIME companies can decide to no longer send out coupons. Should you experience this, please contact me and let me know so I can update the list.

Call for Coupons
To call a company and ask for coupons, all you have to say is “Hi, I really like your product (or I would like to try your product) and I wanted to know if you send out coupons.” They will hopefully say yes and ask you for your name and address. It really is that simple. There are many companies out there willing to mail out coupons and plenty of other ways that you can get your hands on paper coupons as well. Getting companies to send you coupons is easier than you think!

(part of Bayer)1-800-395-0689.

Allen’s(Canned)Vegetables- 1-800-234-2553.


Arm and Hammer (Church and Dwight) 1-800-524-1328

Arm and Hammer (Church and Dwight) 1-800-524-1328

1-800-984-0989 PLEASE NOTE: Bimbo does Entemmanns, Arnold and many other brands- you can only choose 2 coupons to be sent per year. Choose wisely. (May no longer send out.)
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Carolina Rice (See Rivianna Foods)
(Also does Ferrero and Anna pasta) -856-853-5445
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(FRESH EXPRESS Salad)- 513-784-8000.

(888) 246-2598 (may take 3-4 weeks to receive)

1-800-468-6502 (hit prompt 2 and then 2 again for Consumer Affairs)
Carolina Rice (See Rivianna Foods)
1 request per year – 1-877-326-6668.
(Friendship, Land O’Lakes, Lehigh Valley) – 1-800- 854-3243 (only sends out to select areas)
(Part of Henkle) (can call every 3 months)- 1-800-258-3425.
(Bagged Salad)- 1-805-601-5881 or 1-800-356-3111 (You can call every 6 months)
They’d prefer if you print coupons off their Facebook page
(only select products are Kosher) – 1-800-690-3200
888 424-EDEN
Farmland Dairies (skim milk- lactose free available)- 973-777-2500
(skim milk- lactose free available)- 973-777-2500
(see Chiquita)

(See Celestial)

1-800-255-5750 (No longer sends out coupons.)
(see Kimberly Clark)
(La Yogurt, Tree Ripe OJ) – 1-800-727-6700 – They send free product coupons but only ONCE.
(popcorn) -712-239-1232
(part of Johanna)

(part of P& G)

(Rokeach, Croyden, Mother’s, Season, Goodmans)- 201-553-1100

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(see product brands below)

Tylenol and Zyrtec – 1877-895-3665
Splenda- 1800-777-5363
Viactive- 1877-Viactive
Stayfree +Carefree – 1888-782-9373
(coffee)- 1-888-635-4882
(See Riviana)
1800-Pierogy – will only send out once
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no number to call but you get coupons immediately upon signing up for their newsletter.
For everything Nestle except for ice cream call 1-800-225-2270 Hit 1 for English For Nestle Baking (Libby’s, Nestle Toll House) or Nestle Chocolate (Butterfinger, Nips, Crunch, 100 Grande) Hit Prompt 1 For Nestle Beverages (Nescafe, hot cocoa, Nesquick—they also do Poland Spring water and I think some other brands of water but not sure if they send out water coupons)- Hit prompt 3 For Nestle ICE CREAM (Nestle, Skinny Cow, Edys)- call 1800-441-2525
1-877-3SWIRLS (1-877-379-4757) (sends out coupons for free items)

(Thermacare and Advil) -1800-322-3129

800-457-8739 (part of Henkel)

Rice Dream/Soy Dream (Hain Celestial)—see Celestial

RightGuard (Henkle)
(713) 529-3251
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(part of unilever)


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800 MY DAIRY (800 693-2479)
See McNeil