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This page will go over Tips and Tricks, Where to find Passover Coupons, How to use coupons, Companies you can call for coupons as well as how to stock up after Passover without breaking the bank.

Learn how to Coupon For Passover in Under 4 Minutes


Lev Collection Ad copy

Tips and Tricks

Buy Meat Wholesale

Plan Your Meals/Don’t Over-Buy

Do your own baking

Look for Kosher L’Pesach items outside of the Kosher section

Buy items that are Kosher for Passover all year round/Non-food items that you need for Passover weeks before anything else


Even though it is a smaller count, it is definitely by far the cheapest place I have seen these plates!

plates at dollar tree


Shop during Chol Hamoed (Intermediate days) and Shop Ahead For Next Year

Prager's Ungars -version 3

Where to find Passover Coupons

HOW TO USE COUPONS: Before reading anything else, if you want to save the MOST money-possible, you need to know that you can stack 1 manufacturer’s coupon and 1 store coupon PER item you buy.

Where to find STORE coupons:

Check the store’s weekly ads, look for fliers, booklets or handouts at the courtesy counter or in the kosher section.

Note: Seeing a coupon in an ad does NOT make it a store coupon. It has to say “store coupon” at the top.

In the past Shoprite has put out booklets in the past (near where they put the Haggadas). I am trying to find out if they are doing the same this year.

Where to find manufacturer’s coupons:

Sometimes you find coupons in the weirdest places.For example, I’ve seen manufacturer’s coupons (which can be used anywhere) for Manishewitz, Streit’s and Osem in the ad for stores that barely have a kosher section. (Most were found in the Pathmark ad).

Look for coupons in your local paper, inserts, store ads and on (Remember, Manufacturer’s coupons (unlike store coupons) can be used anywhere – take coupons from one store’s at and use them at the store with the best sale.

Some of the coupons I’ve seen in the past that are usually Kosher For Passover:

Note: If you don’t get the Sunday paper: The coupon clippers is a coupon-clipping site where you pay a small handling fee to get pre-cut coupons so you don’t have to worry about the hassle yourself You can just get the coupons you need. I personally use them which is why I am recommending them.

Passover Coupons Found So Far in Ads:

Passover Coupons Weeks 1 and 2


Call companies for coupons – both the Jewish companies and the general brands that make Kosher For Passover Items. Please see the Companies You Can Call For Coupons Page.

When you call, simply give your name and say “Hi, I wanted to know if your company sends out coupons, I’m trying to help my family save money for Passover.” If you call, make sure to leave yourself 2-3 weeks before Pesach to make sure that the coupons arrive in enough time to use them. Also, not all kosher supermarkets accept manufacturer’s coupons (although that’s very rare) so please check with your local store.

Coke Products: Get coupons for $ off or FREE products with My Coke Rewards

General Companies that make Kosher For Passover Products:

Kosher Companies To Call for Coupons:

streits -finished copy

Post-Passover “Stock Up” Shopping

It’s not just passover that eats up your budget, often shopping afterward does to. Here are some easy items you can snag when you re-stock your Pantry

Companies to call for coupons:

Sale Patterns/When to stock up

General Mills Cereals go on sale at Acme usually the first week of every month. There are corresponding coupons on and on

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