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Tornado Relief Efforts and How You Can Help


Update: 6:00PM.

I just called and spoke to Rabbi Goldman. He said the people affected by the Tornado are in need of giftcards to Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Please send gift cards in any amount to:

Chabad Community Center
3000 W Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73120


I’m looking into ways to help those affected by the Tornado yesterday in Oklahoma. I have been made aware that the Chabad House in Oklahoma City is being used as a shelter. I will be mailing food and toiletries to them but one person’s help isn’t enough so here’s my idea on how you can help.

1. Direct Donation – In the link below, you can donate to the Chabad House in Oklahoma City for relief efforts.

2. Getting them items they need and FAST:

Shop Your Way Rewards, which I often post about is a point system/free shipping offer affiliated with Sears/Kmart. They offer a 90-day free shipping trial (cancels automatically after 90 days) and many items are eligible for 2-day shipping. Because things will get there FAST and shipping will be FREE I thought this may be a nice way to send things.

Please note: Once you sign up for the free trial you will need to tabs/windows open on your browser, one with either or open with your account signed in and one with with signed in. VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure any items you are buying are SYWR shipping eligible. Sears carries items from either sites/sellers. If shopping through, make sure you filter your search to only Sears items at the top. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally select “My Gofer” instead of the shipping option (My Gofer is in-store pick-up and you don’t want that!)

Here’s the address:

Chabad Community Center
3000 W Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73120


Some items I thought of:

(And btw, there should be coupons you can select in your Shop Your Way Rewards account to save money on these items)

Pillows, sheets and light blankets

Pillows: only $3.59 each

Soap/Handi-wipes/Hand sanitizer

Handi-wipes: $3.99

Diapers and Wipes

Diapers: $7.99 (size 3)           (size 4)

Baby wipes: $2.39

Toiletries: Shampoo (few ship-eligible), Bodywash/bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine care, etc

Gold Soap: $2.19

72-pack of bar soap: $47.59

Handsoap: $6.99

The only ship-eligible toothpaste (very expensive): $4.99

Toothbrushes (2pack): $3.29

(Toiletries are hard to find with free shipping)

Various clothing (by keyword)

T-shirts: (all sizes)


(you get the idea)

Flip-flops– Why? Because these people probably only have the shoes on their feet and aside from needing to “air-out” a bit, it’s important for them to have when using the shower/washing up since many people will be using the same space. Plus, they can use them as slippers and be more comfortable. Not to mention flip-flops can cater to many shoe sizes.

Starts at 3.99


I will post this on my Facebook page. If you use Facebook and buy something to avoid repeats, please comment under where I post this. If you DO NOT have Facebook, please e-mail me ( what you bought and I will comment for you and I can let you know what has already been bought.


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