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Initially The Kosher Coupon Lady was just teaching Small Business Marketing Classes where I teach how to market your small business on budget. I have recently decided to expand this idea and put my skills to good use. This package is designed to help businesses with their promotional needs at the most reasonable prices.

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Say you own a salon: If you offer hair, nails and waxing, this is what your package would look like:

25 Photographs:

    9 Photographs of hair cuts (3 of each hair type) – three curly, three straight and three wavy (various lengths)

    5 Photographs of hair dyeing and highlights, one single-process dye job, one double-process dye job, one full highlights, one partial highlights, 1 glaze

    5 Photos of your salon staff – In this example, there would be 5 stylists, one taken of each stylist

    3 Photographs of nails – One french (or another formal style), one “funky” style and one showing “tips”

    2 Photographs of waxing – Eyebrows: one before, one after or two different eyebrow styles

    1 Photograph of the interior of the salon

These pictures would be used as a portfolio and put on the salon’s website by their web designer.

I would then make sure the text content corresponding to the pictures is well-written and professional.

Finally, I would take several of those photos and create a flyer or poster based on the salon’s needs.

To inquire about these services, please e-mail

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