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Ready. Set. SAVE!

First of all, now that it is April, all of the coupons on all of the different websites have reset. (For a full list, please see the “How To Get Coupons Page”).

I would HIGHLY suggest you all check out and for printable coupons. is particularly good for cereal deals. Acme will likely have a great deal within the next deal or so. Additonally, there are e-coupons for Shoprite and Acme on their websites.

Also, make sure you you check out which pays you money for buying certain items.

Generally speaking, each computer can print 2 coupons each (you may need to hit the back button for the second print).  NEVER EVER photocopy coupons, IT IS ILLEGAL!

Deals you may want to check out at Shoprite:

NOTE: DIFFERENT SHOPRITE STORES HAVE DIFFERENT COUPON DOUBLING POLICIES. As far as I know, all Jersey Shoprites will double coupons fully (ex: a .75 cent coupon will double to $1.50) and most if not all Philly Shoprites will double but cap it at a double (ex: a .75 cent off coupon will double to $1). I am not sure about Shoprite stores in NY and MD.

General Mills Cereal and Kelloggs cereals- $2.49

Cheerios are $1.99 (cheaper than the rest)

General Mills cereal coupons can be found on and

Kelloggs cereal coupons can be found on

You will also get money back for buying General Mills cereals when you sign up on

Note: You can normally get cheaper cereal than this but I am posting this for everyone who needs to restock after Passover.

FREE Yo-Crunch Yogurt! Advertised price is .50 cents.

There is a .25 cent off coupon on Yo Crunch‘s website which will double making the yogurt free.

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.88

Marcal Toilet Paper $8.89 (24 rolls)

Ronzoni Pasta .88 cents

Ronzoni’s Facebook page features a coupon for their Wacky Mac noodles, not sure if this is included in the sale.

Entenmann’s Donuts $1.88

Smucker’s Grape Jelly $1.99

There is a .75 cent of coupon on (which may run out! )- depending on your Shoprite’s coupon policy, it will double to either $1 or $1.50.


Other coupons you may want to print:

Apple and Eve juice:

Beechnut baby food:

Duncan Hines Frosting Creations mix -$1 off  (free at most stores):

Duncan Hines- .35 cents off any product –

Filipo Berio Olive Oil-

Various French’s coupons –

Kikkoman Procucts – $1 off – Aside from their Teriyake and Soy sauce, you should also be able to use this on Kikkoman Panko breadcrumbs. Save it for a sale and you may be able to score items as low as FREE!

Also, Clorox just put up a .75 cent off coupon for any Clorox product as well as a .50 cents off coupon for their bleach on their website that you get after you write a quick review of their bleach (Note: you don’t have to write a review for the .75 cent off coupon). This should make for free or almost free Clorox wipes and bleach if anyone needs.

Also, to save the most money I always suggest CALLING COMPANIES!

Here are several companies I would suggest you call when restocking after Passover:

Daisy Sour Cream

Cento/Anna (Anna is part of Cento. Cento Pasta is often on sale 10 for $10 making it free after coupon)

Apple and Eve

Dr. Prager’s




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