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Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food from Rewards Gold.


Who likes free magazines!? I know I do.

I actually get TONS of free magazines from Rewards Gold. Right now they are giving away a Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living and EveryDay Food when after you fill out a short form and survey.

Also, many times when places give out free stuff they may pass along your information (I’m not saying it will happen here but it is possible). Therefore, when I fill out these forms, I put fake e-mail addresses (just remember your fake e-mail and password so you can log-in if you wish to get more points). I’m just putting it out there. There is a section to put in your email and a section to put in a friend’s email. For both I put an obviously fake e-mail, you all may want to do the same.

Fake email example:

Here’s the link for a free subsciption to Martha Stewart Living and Every Day food:

Other Magazines/Publications you may want to check out:

26-week Subscription to The Wall Street Journal

W Magazine


Better Homes and Gardens (Not currently available but often on the site)

(If you don’t see these magazine, hit “store” on the menu bar.)

To get other magazines, go to and create a profile. Look under “Earn More Point” to get more points. Usually though, you can get everything you want for free just by each time using the sign-up form and getting the free $10 credit.

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