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Just because I promote “Rehab For Your Wallet”, doesn’t mean you have to quite spending money cold-turkey.

Obviously, no one wants to spend more than they have to but like anything else it’s a process. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Here is what I tell people who either say they have no time to coupon or who are overwhelmed by the idea.

-Don’t immediately go out to 10 stores just to get the best price. Practice finding sales and doing coupon match-ups by looking at 1 or 2 store circulars and visiting 1 or 2 stores a week.

-Pick 5 items to coupon for – don’t try to get everything you normally buy on your first couponing trip to the store.

Think about what you spend the most money on and  have those items be one of the 5 things. Most people have cereal as one of those five items and a lot of other people choose items like laundry detergent, baby items, cleaning supplies, beverages and snacks. Those 5 items will vary per person.