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Last Night’s Triple Coupon Couponing Haul


October 19th 2013 - 162.98 down to .58 cents plus what I paid for coupons

Retail Price – $162.98…..I paid .58 cents after coupons*

12 Boxes of General Mills Cereal

24 Boxes of Barilla Pasta

1 Bag of “No Yolks” Pasta

10 Bags of Anna Pasta

12 Jars of Barilla Tomato Sauce

5 Cans of Muir Glen Tomato Sauce

1 Box of Belvita Breakfast Cookies

1 Bottle of Finess Shampoo

1 Toblerone Chocolate Bar

*On this particular couponing haul, I used a Coupon Clipping Service  (usually I use The Coupon Clippers). A Coupon Clipping Services charges a small handling fee for cutting the coupons for you. Every once in while I use them when planning a larger couponing haul (For this haul, all coupons were ones I had regularly obtained except for the Barilla pasta and sauce). If you include what I paid for these coupons, my total for this haul would be $4.18 (.58 cents + $3.60 in handling fees)…not bad for $162.98 worth of products!

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