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Companies I’m Calling For Coupons This Week


Hopefully you’ve all seen my page about How To Get Coupons. I very much encourage you all to call companies to get coupons for the products you use. While not all companies give out coupons, it never hurts to call and ask.

When calling, if you don’t reach an operator, hit the prompt for consumer relations.

Here are the companies I am calling this week:

Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee –  1- 888 246-2598 (I am hoping to receive the coupons in time to use at the Shoprite Can-Can sale)

Dr. Praegers – 1 -877 – PRAEGERS (Note: you may get transferred and may have to leave a message)

Philly Swirl – 1-877-379-4757 (In the past they have given out free product coupons!) Note: Most but not all varieties are kosher. Please check the package before buying.

Nestle – (for Skinny cow chocolate and baking items as well as Nestle, Edy’s and Skinny Cow Ice Cream) 1-800-225-2270

Smuckers – 1-888- 550- 9555 (hit promt 1, then prompt 0)

Toffuti – I called and they said to request coupons via e-mail by e-mailing

Chiquita (Fresh Express) – 980-636-5000

Dole  (can call once every 6 months)- 1-818- 874-4000 (I ask for coupons for their salad)

Cento (also does Ferrero  and Anna Pasta) – 856-853-5445 (Note: you may have to leave a message)

Apple and Eve – 1-800-992-5629 (Note: you may have to leave a message)

Colgate-Palmolive – 1-800-468-6502 (They send a packet of various coupons for Colgate, Palmolive, SoftSoap, Speed Stick and more!)



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