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Back to School Deals (I know, Too Soon!) – Money-Maker on Multi-Purpose Paper at Staples!



If you’ve seen the ads in today’s Sunday paper, you’ll know that both Staples and Office Max are advertising Back-To-School deals. (I know,  too soon!)

Staples Deals:

staples deals

Cap erasers, 3×5 cards, Bic ballpoint pens(8-pack) – all are only 1 cent (limit 2 per person) when you spend a minimum of $5.

These 1 cent deals go great with another deal they have advertised – Staples Multipurpose Paper (500 sheets) – Pay $6.99, get $6.98 back in rewards (so it’s like paying a penny). This gives you the $5 minimum and you’ll be getting the money back to spend in the store! (limit 2)

BUT WAIT! It gets better! On staples website there is a coupon for 20% off any one item so you can actually make money (in the form of rewards) by buying the paper: So the paper is 6.99 – 20% = $5.59, pay $5.59, get 6.98 back in rewards!

You also always get 5% back in rewards with your free Staples rewards card. Plus, you qualify to get the 1 cent deals.

The 20% off coupon can be found here: NOTE: THIS COUPON IS VALID TODAY 7/7 ONLY!:

If you already have any staples rewards, that is the best scenario, that way you pay little to no money upfront. If you have a Staples rewards card, make sure to check your account online. Remember, you get paid $2 in rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle there.

Note: The rewards usually come the following month.

Other great Staples back to school deals:

Avery Insertable Dividers .25 cents

1″ View Binders $2

6/Pack Mechanical Pencils – $1

4/Pack of Glue Sticks $1

Westcott 9″ Recycled Scissors $1


Office Max Deals

Office Max deals

1 cent deals – $5 minimum purchase

Schoolio Paper Folders (limit 10)

OfficeMax White Glue (limit 10)

They also have a paper deal to help score you these 1 cent deals:

Office Max Multipurpose paper, pay $6.99, get $6.98 back in rewards.

Other great deals at Office Max:

OfficeMax Composition Books .50 cents (first 5 at .50 cents, additional quantities are $1)

Schoolio 1″ or 1.5″ Poly Binders $1 (first 5 at $1, additional quantities are $1.49)

Schoolio 2-pack 5″ Blunt Scissors $1

Office Max 14-Month Calendar $8.99, get $8.88 back in rewards! ($50 worth of coupons included!)


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