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AMAZING Back-To-School Deals! (Staples and OfficeMax)



(Make sure you see my awesome deal idea at the bottom of the regular deals)

1 cent deals with $5 minimum purchase

Staples school glue

2 pocket folders

Pencil case

.50 cent deals

Staples brand 12″ ruler

PaperMate 3-pk erasers

Staples brand writing pads

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

Bic White Out

Bic Gel Pens

When shopping for school supplies, check out this awesome coupon for $1.50 off 2 Bic Stationary Products. Facebook is required to get this coupon and you get the coupon when you enter the contest. Each computer can print 2 coupons.

Deal Idea:

Buy 2 Bic White Outs – .50 cents each ($1 total)

Buy 2 Bic Gel Pens – .50 cents each ($1 total)

Buy 2 Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils – .50 cents each ($1 total)

Buy 1 5-pack of Bic Highlighters – $2

(This gives you the $5 minimum to get the 1 cent deals)

Buy 2 of the following 1 cent deals (2 is the limit at the penny price)

Staples school glue

2 pocket folders

Pencil case

Total before coupons = $5.06

Then use the (2) $1.50 off 2 Bic product coupons

Final price is only $2.06 for everything!!!


Office Max

1 cent deals with $5 minimum purchase

Office Max Zipper Binder Pocket (limit 5)

Wescott 5″ blunt or pointed scissors (limit 2)

Office Max 1-hole punch (limit 2)

.50 cent deals

Avery 5-tab insert-able dividers (great if you are ready to create a coupon binder!)

Office Max Glue Bottle and Glue Stick Combo

Schoolio 1-subject notebook

MaxPerk Deals ( Deals that give you money back on Office Max rewards)

Office Max Multi-Purpose paper

$6.99 – get $6.98 back in Max Rewards (like paying 1 cent)

Reebok Back Pack $49.99 – get $49.98 back in Max Rewards (like paying 1 cent)

Deal Idea: Note: I am unsure if this will qualify but it’s definitely worth a try!

In the ad, there is a coupon for FREE Sharpie Accent highlighters (4-pack). It says the value of the item is $3. It says on the coupon that each person can use 2 coupons. In the front of the store, they should have extra ads. Rip 2 of these coupons out and buy 2 of these highlighter backs.

This pre-coupon total is $6 which means you have qualified to grab the 1 deals listed above!

Once all items are scanned, give the 2 highlighter coupons and BAM! You’ve just bought a bunch of school supplies for just pennies!!


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