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Acme Deals and my shopping trip – Get Kellogg’s Cereal for as low as .88 cents


While this haul may be not be huge or “extreme”, it was easy, simple and a representation of what I want you all to learn.

Acme october 1st  48.87 down to 10.88

6 boxes of cereal, 4 jars of tomato sauce and 3 (6-packs) of Orange juice…paid $10.88 for $48.87 worth of products

Acme Deals

Kellogg’s Cereals – $1.88 (Must buy 6 for that price)

I used coupons from last month and this month. Available coupons for Kellogg’s can be found here. Note: Not all varieties are part of the sale, please check the Acme weekly ad before printing your coupons.

Barilla Sauce – $1.99

I used the .75 cents off coupons that I found on They seem to have run out, but sometimes coupons re-appear so be on the lookout. Coupons doubled to $1.50 so each jar was .49 cents but the deal was even sweeter because there is a current Catalina deal that give you $2 off your next order when you buy 3 jars.

Tree Ripe O.J – $1.88

I chose to buy the “juice box” type but the regular carton is on sale too. I used my $2 off coupon from buying the Barilla sauce (I split my order) to lessen the price of the orange juice.

Smart Balance Butter-Like Spreads – $1.88 (The dairy “butter” kind only)

There is a coupon for .75 cents off found here which doubles to $1.50 making each container only .38 cents. The only reason I didn’t buy any is because I want to save my coupons for Shoprite where the pareve (non-dairy) Smart Balance is on sale. I had no use the butter spreads.

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